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DEEPEST DORSET by Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir

This book is about the people, the places and roots of a unique community. It describes what deepest Dorset means to various people from the county and features some of our heroes, artisans and crafters who are busy working away in deepest Dorset. Woolsery Cheese features on the Cheeseboard put together by Bob Farrand. This book has been written in order to support four main charities - Weldmar - caring for people across Dorset, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, Dorset Community Foundation and the RNLI. This is a very interesting and unique book well worth reading.

DORSET WOMEN by James Crowden

This is a book which documents the lives of 35 women who have lived and worked in the county of Dorset. They speak in their own words about their lives as shepherdesses, scrap dealers, farmers' wives, sheep shearers, market gardeners, pig farmers, cheese makers, orchard owners, ferret handlers, falconers, farriers, cidermakers, sup-ply teachers, taxidermists, letter cutters, songwriters, musicians, hairdressers, midwives, priests, otter conservationists and undertakers. Many are deeply linked to the land and their stories mine a rich vein of anecdote and experience.


Michael Raffael meets the cheesemakers and gives a flavour of the passionate pioneering spirit tht drives many of them. He explains how to recognise the diverse styles and how best to enjoy them. An easy reference summary provides a comprehensive description of West Country producers and their wares. Colour inserts and spreads provide snapshots of specialist cheese pubs, folk traditions, farmers' markets, cheese shops and recipes.


Woolsery Cheese will also feature in the BBC2 'The Great British Menu' programme which starts in April/May. Celebrity Chef Mark Hix chose two of the Woolsery cheeses to feature in one of his meals. He will be competing against Michael Caines, to come up with the menu for the French Embassy in Paris. The film crew visited Woolsery to film Mark Hix getting involved in the cheesemaking process. Mark already knows the Woolsery cheese range as he uses them at his restaurant 'The Ivy' in London.

Farmers Markets, Show Dates & Events 2017

We shall be attending the following farmers markets, events and shows in 2017, and would love to see you there!

Regular Farmers Markets

Poundbury - Dorchester, Dorset - 1st Saturday of every month

Bridport - Dorset - 2nd Saturday of every month

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